The Crazy Coop

Serving you with pride and good food.

Monday – Sunday: 10:00pm – 4:00pm & 7:00pm – 12:00pm

29 Love Street Paris, France

The Crazy Coop

Welcome to The Crazy Coop.

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MON-FRI: 7 AM – 22 PM

The Crazy Coop

Our Delicious Menu

Crazy Hot

Crazy Sweet Suicide

X Hot

Crazy Sweet Lemon Bepper Hot

Crazy Sweet Lemon Pepper
Crazy Sweet cajun

Crazy Sweet Hot

Mild Hot

Lemon Peper Hot


Aslan Chilli

Nasville Hot



Crazy Heat

Crazy Sweat

BBQ Bourbon



Lemon Pepper

Dry Season
Wet Season
Garlic Permeson

Why Choose Us

Serving you with pride and good food.

Fresh Chickens

Special Sauce

Weekly Discount

Spacious Restaurant

Expert Chefs

Skilled Waiters

Reliable Pricings

Quick Service

Free Drinks

Our Satisfied Client Say About Us

Michael Doeson

We tried breakfast here and it was good. The food was good and cooked to order. We had eggs, hashbrowns, bacon for breakfast. The food arrived quickly and the server was very friendly and did a great job. The restaurant was very clean. Prices were fair parking is easy.

Ken Clausberg

Love this place! I usually bring food from home, but may need to eat out time to time. When I do, I usually go to this place. What I like about this place is the fact that you can choose from different breads and choose from many different fresh ingredients.

Jasmine Rose

I was eating just on a whim because the parking lot was full. I had the Irish Skillet and it was Delicious. Not bad prices either between my friend and I we only paid just over 20 dollars. Service here is great even on a full day.